OTS Map Bundle - S58

All OTS Maps in one

ECUs manufactured in July 2020 and newer are SUPPORTED with a bench unlock provided by Femto. ECU must be sent to their location. Please see our User Manual for more information.

Recent software updates may require Bench OBD Unlock, please see below for detail*

In order to flash any OTS or Custom Maps, a Flashing License is required.

It is the most convenient and economical all-in-one package. All available OTS maps (Stage 1, Stage 2) included for your car with the same VIN number - choose it and have no more hassle of upgrade costs in the future! This package will allow you to switch between maps of your choice!

*Recent software updates may require bench OBD unlocking from a tuner/dealer that has the required tools. Our Authorized Dealers are capable of bench unlocks, however you may also use any other tuning shop that is equipped with bench tools to provide such a service. Please note that a bench unlock is subject to an additional cost determined by the third party that provides the service.

Each license is VIN locked to a vehicle.

Flashing License:
Custom Options:
Sold separately
Able to flash custom maps provided by a tuner:
Stage 1 OTS Maps:
Stage 2 OTS Maps:
Logger Access:
Sold separately
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